September 7, 2020 By gerrit Off

How to Sublimate on coated rubber mouse pad blanks

To dye sublimate on mousepads should be as easy as 123, but if your settings are not correct the end result could be disastrous.

Firstly, ensure that you buy quality coated rubber mouse pad blanks from us.

Adjust the pressure of your press to strong and fully enclose the mouse pad with your print.  If the print size is not larger than your mouse pad, you will end up with a white border around your mouse pad.

Set the temperature to 200 degrees celsius and the timer to 40 seconds.

Ensure that your artwork has been printed in RGB colours with our quality sublimation ink onto our Elite sublimation paper.

Wait for the heat press to reach temperature, place the blank with the rear of the print facing upwards into the press surface and close the press.

Once the preset time has elapsed, open the press and immediately remove the print from the blank.  If the paper touches the blank again, you might end up with an undesired ghost image.

You should end up with a final product image that is vibrant in colour and crystal clear.

Should you have any questions regarding sublimation, please submit your query below: