After pressing, parts of my design looks blurred? Help?

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    Abie Davis

    Good afternoon sublimation people!

    I’ve pressed quite a couple of things on my flat press, without problem. Lately however it seems like my prints have some blurry spots in them, after pressing? We did move the press from where it was to a new spot, but I’m pretty sure we didn’t damage it during the move. What could be the problem?

    Is my press faulty?

    Please help!

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    Hi @Abie,

    Thank you for contacting us! You’d be relieved to learn that there is nothing wrong with your press. It is simply a pressure issue. In short, it means that the pressure isn’t enough, or it is not equally distributed over your artwork.

    Just have a look at the pressure and it’ll sort out those blurry marks. Feel free to browse our Learning Centre for more awesome tips and tricks to make your sublimation experience an easy and fun one!

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