September 7, 2020 By gerrit 0

How to Sublimate on coated MDF Wood

Dye sublimation onto rigid surfaces, especially MDF wood blanks, can be quite difficult if you don’t know all the ins and outs.

Luckily for you, West Rand Sublimation Supplies boasts with years of experience in the sublimation printing industry.

Not only do we supply you with quality sublimation products and blanks, we also love to share our passion for sublimation through sharing of our valuable knowledge about the “How to” of the industry.

Firstly, ensure that you buy a quality coated MDF wooden blanks from us and that it is still protected by its clear plastic protection layer.

Adjust the pressure of your press to medium to strong and set the temperature to 200 degrees celsius and the timer to 30 seconds.

Ensure that your artwork has been printed in RGB colours with our quality sublimation ink onto our Elite sublimation paper.

Remove the protection plastic from the MDF blank and use our quality heat tape to hold the print in place.

Wait for the heat press to reach temperature, place the blank with the rear of the print facing up onto the press surface and close the press.

Once the preset time has elapsed, open the press and immediately remove the print from the blank.  If the paper touches the blank again, you might end up with an undesired ghost image.

Don’t hesitate to experiment on smaller blanks first to ensure that your final product image is vibrant in colour and crystal clear.

Should you have any questions regarding sublimation, please submit your query below: