Symphony Mini Cutter


Symphony Mini Cutter

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This handy and light-weight mini cutter has a max cutting width of 290mm. Using the industry standard Sign Master software it is capable of repeatable precision of 0.1 mm. This cutter comes with an embeded camera for crop mark detection for easy alignment. Easley connects to your computer via USB.

Please note that this cutter is only compatible with Microsoft Windows 7/10 and requires a minimum of 8Gb ram to operate.

Power: 350W : 220V

Cutting Size: 300mm

Software: Signmaster

Box Size: 69 x 27 x27cm

Weight: 6kg

Interface: USB 2.0

Contour: Camera

Max Feeding Width: 430mm

Max Cutting Width: 290mm

Max Cutting Speed: 800mm/s

Cutting Force:0-600g

Repeatable Precision: 0.1mm


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