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What is the difference between the Pro Kit and Elite Kit?

Watch this video to find out what the difference is between the Pro-Kit and Elite-Kit.


So, what is the difference between the Pro-Kit, and the, Elite-Kit?

Both these kits, comes with a space saving stand which contains all the presses and attachments in one place.

The major difference between the two kits are as follows:

The Pro-Kit comes with three separate heat presses that can be operated simultaneously.

That means that you can press a T-shirt, a cap, and a mug, all at the same time.

This enables you to do high production volumes of sublimation products, but you are limited to only three types of production.

The Elite-Kit comes with a single controller, and with ten different press attachments.

That means you will be able to press the following items with your heat press:

  • ten ounce mugs
  • eleven ounce mugs
  • six ounce glasses
  • seventeen ounce cone mugs
  • twelve ounce cone mugs
  • flat heat press items
  • ten inch plates
  • eight inch plates
  • five panel caps
  • and finally, sublimation pens.

You should take note that with the Elite-Kit, you can only use one heat press at a time.

Once you have completed one type of product, you have to let the press cool down in order for you to exchange the attachment.

The heat press is also not mechanically made for hight production volumes.

Also, should something happen to your controller, you are stranded and cannot press other items at all.

Having said that, you are advised to choose wisely before you purchase your kit, as it will be costly to change at a later stage.

Do not hesitate to contact us to assist you that you make the correct purchase for your requirements.

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