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Why not to buy a second hand inkjet printer

Watch this video and learn why not to buy a second hand inkjet printer.


Buying a second hand inkjet printer is a risky business.

În general, people only sell the inkjet printer if they want to get rid of their problem.

The printer usually start printing white horizontal lines and often also give paper feed problems.

You are advised to ask the seller to do a nozzle check so you can verify that the printer head is not damaged.  If only a few lines are blank, the printer is still usable.

Once you are satisfied with the print results, you can go ahead with the purchase.

Do not take a printer with a blocked head because it is very difficult to open blocked nozzles and very expensive to replace the head.

You are also advised not to buy an inkjet printer that has printed more than one thousand pages as paper feed issues could be a possibility.

If you have the funds available, rather invest in a brand new inkjet printer.

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