Paper (Elite Light Cotton; A4; Transfer paper; 10 sheets)

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Paper (Elite Light Cotton, A4, Transfer paper, 10 sheets)

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Create personal and creative designs without cutting or weeding! With elite light cotton, it is finally possible to transfer full-tone colors to white and light-colored cotton textiles, as well as white fabrics and surfaces, with heat transfer. This paper is perfect for taking your sublimation projects or business to the next level!

Our light cotton transfer paper allows you to transfer powerful inks to white and light-colored fabrics. Use regular inkjet ink and transfer your image to different surfaces within a few seconds. The strong colors and the unique soft-touch will inspire you.

Printable Materials:

  • White, light-colored cotton and mixed fabrics
  • Light polyester
  • Light silk
  • Felt
  • Wood

Paper Characteristics:

  • 1-paper solution
  • Easy and fast application
  • No background
  • High washability
  • Extremely soft touch
  • High stretchability
  • Brilliant colors and true black
  • Suitable for printers with inkjet ink


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