Heat Press Teflon (Teflon Fabric; 38cm x 38cm)

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Teflon Fabric (380mm x 380mm)

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Our protective cover sheet is a multi-functional necessity when using sublimation or heat transfers! This reusable sheet helps protect your garment and your heat press when using opaque transfers. Place the sheet between the image and the platen to keep the ink on your transfer from ending up on your heat press. Protective sheets can also be used for protection of the bottom heat platen during sublimation or any time there may be bleeding around your image.

When sublimating onto fabric, a protective sheet can help prevent the ghosting effect often created by the paper sliding across the shirt during the lifting of the platen. It can also be used as a weight to keep the transfer paper in place during the heating process to ensure perfect results!


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Dimensions 38 × 8 × 8 cm