September 7, 2020 By gerrit 0

How to heat press a shirt with buttons

There are basically two types of heat transfer processes.  The one process is using our light or dark cotton transfer paper and the other is using our elite sublimation transfer paper.

Pressing with light or dark cotton transfer paper requires a relatively low temperature (typically 160degC to 185degC) and a fast pressing time (typically 10s to 25s).  Sublimation on the other hand requires high temperatures (typically 200degC) and long pressing times (typically 40s to 240s).

Since buttons are usually made from plastic, pressing a button using sublimation transfer will definitely damage the button and will definitely destroy materials like velcro for instance and is not recommended.

Pressing garments with buttons, like golf shirts for example, using light and dark cotton heat transfer will not be a problem as the temperature is relatively low and the pressing time is short.

To ensure that the buttons don’t break, you can cushion the garment by placing a folded towel underneath the printing area.

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