April 3, 2023 By gerrit Off

How to use the 3D vacuum heat press with a mug.

Watch this video to learn how to use the 3D vacuum heat press. Once you’ve unpacked your 3D heat press, start by opening the lid and removing the vacuum holder and the silicone vacuum pipe. You can place the vacuum holder and pipe on the side for later use. Turn on your 3D vacuum heat press. On the control panel, press the power button to turn on the press. Press the temperature button until the temperature starts flashing and start adjusting the temperature by pressing and holding in the plus button until the temperature is on 190 degrees celsius. Press the temperature button again to save the value. The temperature should stop flashing. Press the Time Setting button until the time starts flashing and then press and hold in the plus or minus button to the desired time of 12 minutes. Press the Time Setting button again to save the value. The time should stop flashing. Press the Heating button twice until both the red heating element indicators are on as indicated. This will start the pre-heating of the heat press to the desired temperature. While the heat press is pre-heating, prepare your artwork by cutting it close enough to the print so that you still have a white border around it. Place the artwork with the correct alignment onto the mug and secure it with heat tape. Place the vacuum clamp around the mug with equal spacing all around and push until the metal clip snaps close. Please take care as the heat press is hot and you could be injured if you touch any hot surface. Once the heat press is at the desired temperature, put on the supplied gloves to prevent burning when you open the press. Open the heat press and place the mug in the middle of the tray. Then close the lid quickly to prevent too much heat loss. Press the Timing button to start the countdown timer. Once the timer reaches zero, press the Timing button to stop the timing cycle. Remember to put on your gloves. Then open the heat press and remove the mug. While the mug is still hot, unclip the clamp and remove it. Then remove the print from the mug and set it aside to cool down. Once cooled down you can see the final result as desired. You could press up a maximum of 12 mugs at a time. Remember to adjust the time to 16 minutes to compensate for the additional heat loss. You have now learned how to use the 3D vacuum heat press for a mug. Thank you for watching this video. Please feel free to watch all our other videos. Happy sublimating.